Looking your lier eyes

by Alejandro Motta

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Mediterranean pop rock and electronica fusion sounds. All from this two last years. Except Inrrip (2011, my first computer worksA choice of my extense production.


released October 19, 2016




Alejandro Motta Almería, Spain

Real underground Madrid culture. First steps of unknown 80's Movida Madileña non corrupted.
Flamenco studying in 90`s.
Alcohol & friends swimming pool in 2000.
Switzerland (Lausanne) theatre accompagnements 2000 to 2008
First computer & home studio after stop swimming in 2011.
From there to today working in own compositions and playing multiple instruments (only no drums)
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Track Name: Danger: Deep pulsion
Life celebration´
Not because you are not the only who
Not your country the only where
not your people the only that
But because you are the real one center
! open your big arms to the rest ¡
Without other in exchange
Track Name: New century's old boys
The old rude times are returning
20'est have be an miroir
Water never be free.
Freedom is only an approximation to an fable in a crazy XIX man's mind who have too free time for ask flavour at our pains and frights
Soon return to XV'st rythm of live. Girls become mothers at 15. Adolescence is an invention of the free time.
Why in Africa or in Asia don't have so mental hospitals? No time for lost in pains or frights.
.That youcan is only buy me a song for my hanging Do bemol string.